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Dear Colleagues, the Lingu@NET UK project has come to an end and we would like to thank all users of our site for your continued support. All the information available on Lingu@NET UK has now been incorporated into the CILT and Lingu@net Europa websites, to access those sites please click on the links below.

bullet Lingu@NET forum 
 linguanet-forum is a lively e-mail discussion group for all those involved in language teaching and research. Details of how to join the list along with archives of previous discussions can be found on the Lingu@NET forum web pages.
bullet Websites for languages
To search for useful websites please visit Lingu@net Europa, a multilingual, virtual resources centre to support the teaching of foreign languages.
bullet Language learning materials 
For lists of teaching materials please see CILT’s information sheets. For details of materials held in the CILT resources library please see the CILT library catalogue
bullet Using ICT for languages 
For information on ICT and MFL please see the Languages ICT website from CILT and ALL.
bullet Research
Please see the Research section of the CILT website for details of research and consultation in MFL.

If you have any queries regarding Lingu@NET please contact linguanet@cilt.org.uk.
If you have an enquiry regarding language teaching please e-mail info@cilt.org.uk

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