Staying Entertained with Bet365 Mobile

Bet365 is one of the largest casino brands in the world. Their games and casinos are available in over 200 countries across the globe, making them a powerhouse in the industry.

The backbone of the company’s success lies in their innovation and constant developments in the gaming world. Their mobile version is one such innovation that has revolutionised the casino platform.

How to Get Started?

The company has collaborated with Playtech to present the mobile version to their customers. Bet365 mobile casino is quick, simple and collectively brings all the adventure of casino games in your hands.

The mobile casino offers instant play games on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can register and download the free app on your phone. If you are already using the desktop version, you don’t need to register again.

You can always contact customer support through phone, live chat and email for any queries that you may have.

What’s in Store?

There is a wide variety of games at Bet365 that have been carefully selected for players. You can indulge in table games like blackjack, European roulette and baccarat or play the exciting slots with multiple bonuses and features.

Some of the famous slot games include Dessert Treasure, A Night Out, Dracula slot, Captains Treasure and Goblins Cave. You can also enjoy the progressive jackpots on your mobiles with Safe Cracker and Gold Rally.

You will also find other games like Keno, Rock Paper Scissors and Pop bingo on the mobile version of the casino.

What about Banking and Transactions?

If you are worried about security and financial protection on the mobile casino, you can be assured of safety and confidentiality at Bet365. All your banking transactions will be secured using the highest levels of encryption.

A minimum deposit of $20 is required to play at the casino. You will find a wide variety of options for deposit and withdrawals at the mobile casino. You can deposit funds directly through your phone under the cashier or use your desktop to do the same. You can also easily withdraw your winnings using your mobile phones.

What are the Promotions at Bet365 Mobile Casino?

The casino offers an open bonus for new players and gives them three options to choose from. The exclusive bonus bundle allows you to claim four deposit bonuses every week, the Mobile Money Back Rebate gives you a rebate with a free chip, while the Slots Club lets you collect comp points on every play.

You can also look out for their new promotions and bonuses at the casino and win some additional rewards.

A Perfect Integration

One of the most striking features of Bet365 is that it is an integrated app with sports, poker, games and gambling fun. This makes it extremely easy for players to switch between casino games and other gambling products at Bet365.

Plus, all the products can be accessed through a single wallet so it makes money transactions extremely simple and easy to use. The design of the mobile casino is absolutely stunning and effortless to use. It works perfectly on tablets as well as mobile phones.

Final Thoughts

With a name like Bet365 backing their mobile version, there really can’t be any complaints. From bonuses, promotions, offers, games to customer support, you can expect the same quality and commitment at the mobile version that you’d get at their online and land-based casinos!

Destination- Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is an archipelago and an independent country in the Kingdom of Denmark. Torshavn is the capital city of Faroe Islands. The islands are situated between the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean and this holiday haven is barely 2 hours from mainland Europe. There are about 18 mountainous islands covering the whole of Faroe region. It offers tourists and vacationers with 1,289 kilometres of uninhabited and unpolluted coast line and pristine beaches for a joyful ride or leisurely walk. The islands are separated by a mere 5 kilometres which makes traveling between them a breeze.

The close proximity between islands helps you experience the wilderness of nature to its fullest extent. Enjoy sipping a cup of Danish coffee sitting on the green grass and fill your lungs with freshest oxygen, so rare to find in cities and polluted areas.

Travellers Tips which you need to keep in mind are

  • Always bring your sun glasses and sun screen lotion, if you are planning to visit the island destination during summers.
  • Do not forget to carry your binoculars and camera, for a fascinating session on photography of wild birds and astounding natural scenery.
  • The Faroe Islands are tied to the Denmark Immigration policy. Nordic citizens are not obliged to carry their passports; however they too need to display a document of identification, in case the same is demanded by the customs authorities.
  • However, other foreign nationals are required to have a valid passport from their respective nations, if they need want to visit Faroe Islands. A tourist visa can be obtained by making a visit to the Denmark Immigration Center.
  • Bring warm clothing as well as summer clothes, to be able to combat both cold and warm weather conditions as sea winds change the unpredictable atmosphere in this area.

Monuments/ Memorials/Forts/Mansions

The islands are sparsely inhabited by human population and have been naturally preserved from ravages of nature. You can find a couple of rugged yet wonderful and amazing buildings in the heart of Faroe. The finest of them include remains of wooden churches which were built from about 1830 to 1850. You can view the white washed stone foundation, black tarred boarding, white windows and white bell hung above the roof top. The interior is a veritable treasure of detailed woodwork in unpainted scrubbed pine. The design is humble, yet elegant in its simplicity. The best known buildings known for their explicit architectural value include Catholic School and Church, Theatre building in Torshavn and the Art Museum.

Art works in Faroe Islands

The quality of Faroese art is remarkably high though the island nation was inhabited by only 49,000 people until the middle of the twentieth century. Faroese works have been displayed abroad and the painters and sculptors have been acclaimed world-wide for their astounding talent and high quality paintings. A large exhibition of Faroese art was exhibited in the Copenhagen Art Gallery named ‘Den Frie’ concluding that nature is the driving force behind the Faroese artist. Other pioneers of Faroese visual art were Niels Kruse (1871-1951), Kristin í Geil (1877-1935) and Jógvan Waagstein (1879-1949), who were all self-taught painters.

Side and Didim – Turkey

Turkey is a country in the Middle East which shares its north western border with South Eastern Europe and the rest of its boundaries with West Asia (i.e. the Balkans and Anatolia respectively).Turkey is the only country in the Middle East that connects Middle East with Europe through land and is renowned for its clean beaches. Surrounded by high mountains and open seas it has delightful scenic wonders and climatic diversity owing to the presence of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also a well-known place for its chilly winters and continental climate. Northern region of Turkey has an oceanic climate while the south faces temperate Mediterranean climate. The continental climate reigning in the internal regions makes one experience 4 seasons in just one day.

Let us have a look at some of the famous beaches in the vicinity

With over 8000 kilometers of coastline and 352 blue flag beaches, Turkey gives its holidaying crowd a fantastic time on the clear pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Blue flag is an international environmental award given to safe, clean beaches around the world and this place has been a proud owner of the award. The country’s picturesque beaches come with a back drop of lush green forests and area a stone’s throw from nearby archeological treasure groves. If you want to enjoy a perfect retreat with your partner, you can arrange for a fantastic boat trip on secluded beaches, available within easy reach, from leading resorts. Turkey has more number of blue flag beaches than even France and Italy.

The Side and Didim beaches to visit in Turkey can be planned in advance with your hotel concierge or also a tour operator.

Immigrants from other parts of the world need to mandatorily carry a copy of their Passports and Turkey Visas before they enter this beautiful country.

Water sports options which visitors can thoroughly enjoy at Turkey’s beaches


  • Sailing unlike white board rafting is a serene and a peaceful activity.
  • Recreational sailing is done, when the wind and waters are in perfect harmony with each other.
  • Many coastal areas surrounding the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea offer perfect spots for an enjoyable sailing session.


  • Rafting is an adventurous water sportwherein you need to steer a raft with paddles without getting overturned among turbulent waves.
  • In Turkey, tourists and locals do rafting in Manavgat in Antalya province, Firtina in Rize and Coruhriverin Artvin province.


Turkey is known for underwater diving centers as it has great options like the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and the natural beauty of the area’s underwater centers attract tourists and vacationers from around the world.

These world class diving centers are equipped with the state of the art technology and trained professionals that guide to towards a hitherto unseen world of natural beauty and sea-life.

Apart from water sports, turkey also boasts of eco-tourism activities like mountaineering and hiking. You can shop for exclusive items and souvenirs to delight your friends and family back home. Pack your bags to have a pampered holiday, all the way!

5 steps to an awesome cheap wedding in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a mystical place known for all its grandeur and incomparable scenic beauty. It is situated on a group of islands just below the Indian sub-continent. You could have the best time of your life by having an awesome wedding right in the middle of the exotic islands. Here are 5 great unique ways you can do so.

Procuring a Sri Lankan visa is not all that difficult ordeal, when you are going to have the best time of your life. You could hire a posh villa with its entire splendor having a verandah portico facing the sea. Tying the knot becomes all the more fun and interesting when you hire a high-end villa in this exotic place. A few interesting villa houses are described here for you to choose from

Pointe Sud

It is the most luxurious and fabulous villa house, which is too spoilt a place to be true. Having your wedding at this mystical place is like being in a dreamer’s paradise as far as conducting the wedding goes. Pointe Sud is one of the most happening villas across the world. You could call up your beloved ones and close friends to enjoy a wedding ceremony in a typical beach house style. The concept is catching up flames like anything, all over the world. Rather than enjoying a traditional wedding ceremony conducted in churches or wedding halls, this idea takes your wedding to a completely new level. Nowadays, youngsters look forward to make the D day of their life even more exciting and with this idea, one could have a thrilling experience.

Stella Beach house

This beach house is a direct sea facing place that is simple, unpretentious, and elegant with modern trimmings. Why not have a beach wedding and an exotic honey moon in the villa beach house, Stella Beach House? You have lush greenery all over the villa and if you happen to be a eco-lover, you are surely going to admire it. This is a smaller villa though, compared to the Pointe Sud villa. A limited list of close friends can join you to share your royal bash.

Talaramba Reef

This is yet another exotic beach house location, for you to have a mesmerizing wedding that you would remember forever. The villa has 8 iconic air conditioned bedrooms for an amazing stay. You could request the authorities to convert the rooms into a wedding hall, by removing its furniture and fittings. The villa has a lounge area which can be used for serving snacks and savories to your invitees followed by a grand lunch or dinner, depending on which part of the day, the wedding gets over.

In the deep oceans

Sri Lanka is an exotic island city. You have expansive beaches in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka that surely will leave you admired. You could hire a ship and take a cruise all the way, performing your wedding during your cruising. Have all the paraphernalia connected with conducting the wedding grandly, in terms of arranging for music and getting the banquets ready. Arrange for a grand feast with a glass of wine, to all your friends and relatives in the party.

A Discotheque party

You could also scout for some theme based wedding party in the leading discotheques or clubs located in the heart of Sri Lanka. You could wear your wedding hat with your summer dress and wear on your pumps to have the most glamorous party uptown. Arrange for a barbeque party with toasts of delicious wines and have a DJ performing his chart tipping numbers with great music.

Set new trends and break the walls of monotony to have your wedding planned up with elegance. You could also take the assistance of several professional wedding planners or event organizers to celebrate your D-day with glory.

Betting in Las Vegas Casinos

One of the very first things that strike our mind when we hear the word betting is casino. Casinos are located worldwide in a number of cities that offer a wide range of games for people to try and test how impressed is Lady Luck on them. Every year hundreds and thousands of people throng these casinos to try their luck and while some get really lucky and others just lose money and become bankrupt. Some of the famous destinations for casinos are Las Vegas, Macau, and Goa etc.

A wide variety of games are offered in casinos that could kook you for relentless hours delivering you tons of funs. Some of them are: Poker, black jack, roulette, craps, slots etc. All of these involve a varied range of betting depending up on their popularity and people playing them at that particular time.


Blackjack is one of the very popular games played in all the casinos. It is basically a card game played with a standard pack of 52 cards. This game is also popularly called ‘Twenty One’. This is basically a card comparing game between the player and the dealer where the objective of the game is to beat the dealer. This can be done in the following ways:

  1. The player needs to get 21 points in the first two cards
  2. The player needs to reach a score that is higher than the dealer without exceeding 21.
  3. Allow the dealer to draw more cards until his/her hand exceeds 21.Some of the terms involved with this game are: Hit: which means the player should draw another card from the dealer.
  4. Stand: The player should not draw any cards.
  5. Split: if the first two cards show the same value then the player can split them into two hands.


Slot machines are the most popular games at any casinos. The rules of this game are fairly simple. You first need to choose what slot machine you are going to play. There are many different slot games to play at casinos including the famous double bubble, Cleopatra, Rainbow Riches and Starburst.

You are provided with a choice of three and five reels. The basic thing to remember in slots is that you always want to bet the max. So the bet must be selected first and then you are supposed to enter the coins and pull down a lever, whenever you get the three same symbols on the machine that means you have hit the jackpot and you are a winner. This type of gambling is purely based on your luck.The aforementioned games and a myriad of other games although are very famous among casinos; however they are also available online nowadays where you could play them from the comfort of your home and make some easy money.

Roulette: This is another very popular game in the casinos. Roulette table will have a wheel kind of instrument with numbers written on it and a small ball is placed on that wheel that goes around when the wheel is rotated. In this game, the player may place bets on a number of odds such as he can place bets on predicting a particular number correctly, he can even predict whether the color is red or black or could predict if the number is odd or even. Based on the payout at the casino, the player wins the money, provided if the prediction is correct.


Eritrea is one of the most beautiful countries located in the horn of Africa, virtually bisected on the East African Rift. The region is also known as the sea land as it is located near the coastline of the Red sea. Eritrea is blessed by nature and has a lot to offer to vacationers through its abundant natural beauty. It is an ideal destination for bird watchers and dedicated ornithologists due to the presence of a diverse variety of birds, many of which are migratory birds. Eritrea is a very peaceful nation as it has been under the UN since 2000. Due to the presences of gold and diamond mines the nation had faced civil unrest, but since 2000 it is slowly developing with a consistent progress. International and local tour operators have Eritrea as a part of their African travel package so visitors can choose the best places of the place to visit.

Things to do and See

For tourists with a fascination of local architecture like buildings, mansions and monuments Asmara is must visit spot. The city offers a wide variety of architectural buildings with beautiful facades and a quaint blend of modern and futuristic keeping the curious tourist spell bound by their unique style and design. Asmara cathedral has an ancient bell tower, which is a popular landmark located at a very high level built during the Roman times. The city has an attractive monument for the famed poet Alexander Pushkin situated in the city center close to Pushkin cultural center.

An ancient Church located in the middle of Asmara city has four gates facing four directions which is now abandoned and is home to African wild cat, pale fox, common jackal and other wild animals. Visitors to Gash-Barka can see lions, leopards, spotted hyena and crocodiles in their natural environment.

Massawa city referred to as the Pearl of Red Sea, has been an important port for several centuries and has witnessed traders from Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, UK, Italy and the Middle East. Located 115 kilometers away from the capital it was first inhabited by Muslims during 10th century AD and was a part of Turkish Empire during 16th century.

Dahlak Islands – This string of 350 picturesque tiny islands are part of the Dahlak Archipelago and are the last untouched islands in the world which witnesses very few travelers. This aquatic paradise contains an abundance of fishes and aquatic life along with beautiful corals. These islands have been kept free of human inhabitants and settlements as the ecosystem is very fragile and is home to migratory seabirds which arrive during breeding season to start their families. The only sport allowed on these islands is scuba diving and snorkeling which are limited to a few islands only.

Some facts about Eritrea:

  • The nation comprises of a majority of Christian citizens followed by Muslims and other religions.
  • There are many national parks representing the beauty of Africa’s wildlife along with its flora and fauna.
  • The national heritage museum of Asmara is in the city center making it easy for travelers to understand the history of the Eritrea.
  • Other locations in Eritrea are Matara and Debre Bizen both of which have their own unique history.


What to do in Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most beautiful and really very popular states of United States. A lot of people have been planning their trips to Las Vegas either alone or with their friends and families, so that they can explore the beauty of this amazing state as well as enjoy countless amazing activities there. Las Vegas is basically an international major resort city that is well known all over the world for gambling fine dining, shopping, as well as nightlife. This is why a lot of people from different places of the world have been planning their tours to Las Vegas. The top 10 things to do in Las Vegas, United States are:

Neon Bonyard:

Las Vegas is so much popular all over the world for the best casino activities. The old casino never dies in Las Vegas and the Neon Boneyard is actually a sign of casino. It is one of the best and the most popular places in Las Vegas and it best for the people who love to play casino.

Bellagio Fountains:

It is one of those attractions of Las Vegas that is worth watching. People visiting Las Vegas must not forget enjoy watching the Bellagio Fountains. It is a beautiful 8.5 acre lake in the middle of the desert that explodes with about 1214 spritzers that shoots water up to 460 feet in the air.

Cirque du Soleil:

This is one of the best places for entertainment in Las Vegas in which the gymnastics are hired for catapulting themselves all over the stage for the amusement of the guests. Though, this place is a bit expensive, but it always best for keeping people away from boredom in the evenings.

Designer Dinner:

This is the best place for the foodie people in Las Vegas. In this restaurant every kind of delicious food is available and it is always served at its best. This is why it is considered as one of the best places to visit in Las Vegas.

Shark Reef Aquarium:

This is one of the best places in Las Vegas, especially for the children. There are available the sharks of every kind and a lot of people from different places of the world have been visiting Shark Reef Aquarium on their visit to Las Vegas.

New York Roller Coaster:

There are a lot of people who have been making plans for visiting Las Vegas for the sake of adventures and entertainment. The New York Roller Coaster is so much popular all over the world and countless people from different places of the world have been visiting Las Vegas for experiencing the adventure of this biggest Roller Coaster of the world.


The Spa:

Countless people have been experiencing the Spa on their visit to Las Vegas, United States and a lot of people have been giving positive reviews about this best spa of Las Vegas. They have been providing the best facilities for their customers. This is the reason it is so much popular all over the world.


It is another of those amazing places of Las Vegas that is popular all over the world and has been attracting a lot of people from different places of the world to plan their visit to Las Vegas, especially the casino lovers.

Liberace Museum:

It is the most beautiful museum situated in Las Vegas that is popular all over the world. People should visit this museum on their visit to Las Vegas for exploring the beauty of this state.

Gun Store:

A lot of people have been visiting the Gun Store on their visit to Las Vegas, United States as it is considered one of the most famous places of Las Vegas all over the world.


The top 10 things to do in Berlin, Germany

Contributed by Kevin from the international removals company,

Berlin is one of the most beautiful city as well as the capital of Germany. Every year, a lot of people plan their visit to Germany, so that they can visit Berlin and explore the beauty of this most beautiful state of Germany. Berlin is famous all over the world as one of the 16 states of Germany. This is why a lot of people are attracted towards Germany and plan their visit as well. The top 10 things to do in Berlin, Germany are:


It is one of the best and the most beautiful building of Berlin in Germany that is popular all over the world. Countless people from different places of the world have been planning their trips to Berlin, Germany, so that they can explore the beauty of the amazing Reichstag building. The military zone between the two sides of the wall of this building gives such a beautiful view that attracts a lot of people to visit Berlin.

Berlin Television Tower:

The television tower of Berlin is also known as Fernsehturm to the locals and this amazing attraction of Berlin stands out of the skyline at 368m that makes it the tallest building of Berlin, Germany. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people like to visit the Berlin Television Tower on their visit to Berlin, Germany.

Unter den Linden:

The Linden was known as the most glamorous boulevard of Berlin back in the 19th century that was actually more than perfect for strolling and promenading. These days, this boulevard known as Unter den Linden is as charming as before and is known as the attraction of Berlin, Germany.


The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most amazing squares of this amazing city of Germany that is located close to the Friedrichstraße. It is one of the most stunning shopping streets in Berlin that is popular all over the world. This is why countless people like to visit Gendarmenmarkt on their visit to Berlin, Germany.

Museum Island:

When it comes to planning for the Berlin tour, then one of the best places to visit in Berlin is the Museum Island. This amazing place is famous all over the world and a lot of people including the tourists as well have been visiting this amazing attraction of Berlin, Germany on their tours to Berlin. 

Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre:

This amazing attraction of Berlin is located between the Wedding and Mitte on the Bernauer Straße that consists of the Memorial to the Victims of the wall, a Documentation Centre as well as the chapel of reconciliation. It is another amazing attraction of Berlin, Germany that must be visited.

Potsdamer Platz:

This is one of the most amazing attractions of Berlin, Germany from always. Before the Second World War, the Potsdamer Platz was known as the only attraction of Berlin that was frequently visited by countless people. Still, a lot of people like to visit this place on their tour to Germany.

Brandenburg Gate:

The Brandenburg Gate is popular all over the world and it is actually a signature attraction of Berlin. This is why countless people like to visit this place on their visit to Berlin, Germany.

Charlottenburg Palace:

This most beautiful palace is located just outside the center of the city of Berlin. It was established in 1700 and still it is as beautiful as before. People visiting Berlin must visit the magnificent Charlottenburg palace.


People visiting Berlin, Germany have been suggested always to visit this most amazing place at least once as it is considered one of the most beautiful attractions of Berlin, Germany.

Popular Cruise Holidays in the UK

Cruise holidays are getting popular by the day. A survey done by T&C suggests that the number of cruise ships have gone up by more than 13% in the last two years. What’s more is that, many people haven’t gone on a cruise holiday before, and it’s their first time. The number is increasing by leaps and bounds in the UK. Here is a list of some popular cruises that are not only fun but also greatly popular among the people in the UK.

#1-Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity sails from Southampton and often offers deals to British citizen. The ship can hold up to 3,000 passengers. Although this one is of American origin, but some features have been added to match the taste of the UK citizens. Typically, it’s a 14-day package and sails mainly to the Mediterranean. This may approximately cost you somewhere in the range of £1,500 to £2,000. Every day is filled with programs for the tourists. There is no chance of getting bored. There are lots of activities for the kids as well.

#2-Cruise and Maritime

This is one of the latest additions in the cruise industry. It is owned by the company which used to sail Marco-polo with 800 passengers. Although the latter still has a few cruises, Cruise and Maritime a new addition from the company. The time line for this package is typically two weeks. The typical cost is somewhere in the range of £800 to £1,000. The ship is topped up with luxury and the company promises that there will not be a single moment of dullness.


This is one of the oldest ships that operate from Southampton to New York. It’s a 12 day voyage and reaches New York on the 13th day. Many people head home through flight. The alternate plan is to immediately head home after spending 2-3 hours in New York. This could be a good idea if you are not sea sick. The typical cost per person would be somewhere in the range of £2,000 to £2,500. You can visit the company’s website for a detailed journey plan, offers and other activities.

#4-Disney Cruise Line

Although this ship does not cruise regularly from Britain, it is a ship worth cruising on. Entertainment is the key theme for this ship and rest assured you will enjoy every moment of your stay while cruising. This is a 12 night trip and costs £1,200 per person. The dress code is typically casual barring few days where you have to put on your dinner jacket and bow.

#5-Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Fred Olsen has four ships and is extremely popular among the senior citizens. Most British travellers like this cruise for its strong British flavour. The cruise starts from four locations-New Castle, Rosyth, Liverpool and Greenock. The ships give you the option to cruise anywhere around the world. It’s a 13 night journey and the cost involved per person is typically in the range of £700 to £1,200 depending on your cruise location and the kind of lodging you opt for. Getting the ticket directly from the website can fetch you attractive discounts.

#6-Hebridean Island Cruises

Hebridean cruises around the British shore through Scotland and starts its journey from Oban. This is a small ship, which has a capacity to hold around 50 passengers. It is rumoured to be chartered by the Queen herself, and it’s possibly one of the reasons why it’s costlier than the others.

A seven night journey will cost you £2,500 per person. The luxury and the ambience is a class apart. The voyage includes drinks, outings in the shore and other gratuities. This is ideal for honeymooner and vacation lovers. If you’re looking for an ideal romantic getaway, this could be the one!

What to See and Do in Venice, Italy

Venice in Italy is a land of dreams. There is a long list of things that you can do and see in this city. If you ask the Venice tourism department, they will give you a pretty lengthy list. If you are on a short holiday and want to cover the most important spots, this list will help you in your endeavour.

This will further help you avoid paying hefty entry fees to places which are not worth visiting if you want to make the most of your holiday.

Just Roam Around

Before visiting any museums and other major tourist attractions, just aimlessly walking around the city will ensure that you visit the authentic Venetian places. The city is very picturesque! The roads, cafes and shops are amazingly built. The squares are absolutely charming. Don’t worry about getting lost. The people in Venice are one of the friendliest you will ever come across. Ask any pedestrians and they will tell you where to go.

St. Mark’s Basilica

When you are done with you adventure, this should be your next stop. There are loads of churches in the city, but St. Mark’s Basilica is by far the best in the whole country. The architecture of the church will surely amaze you.

What’s more is that, there is no entry fee in this one. You can just book your ticket online and drop in. Inside the church, you will find three small museums, but the entries to these are not free. If you have budget constraints, you may consider visiting any one.

St. Mark’s Square

This is another marvel of the city. Make sure you visit this place no matter what. The sheer structure and its brilliance will fill your heart. It is a good idea to visit St. Mark’s Square when it is empty. Since most of the tourists throng the place during the day, you might as well visit the place during early morning or late night. The peace and silence of this place will take your breath away.

Grand Canal

Although walking around the city is the best way to visit Venice, the Grand Canal tour however, is an amazing route to explore the city. The water buses will give you an amazing view of the city from far off. Take a gelato in your hand, sit back and just enjoy the view. Did we mention that it is also an extremely cheap method of transportation?

Doge’s Palace

This place is situated right next to the St. Mark’s Basilica. Although you have to pay a hefty entry fee, it is definitely worth the money. The best attraction is when you walk over the Bridge of Sigh’s. Although the bridge is visible from outside and no entry fee is required, we suggest that you take a ticket and visit this historic palace. Unlike the St. Mark’s Basilica, you won’t find this place empty. It is thronged by tourists all the time and there is a particular time when the palace opens its gates too.

Campanile Top

The top view from the St. Mark’s Basilica is wonderful, but it won’t give you a great view of the churches. The top of Campanile, however, will give you an amazing view of both the Basilica and the Piazza. This however, is not free and you have to buy a ticket for the short ride of the elevator. What’s more is that, you will get to see the famous big bells of Venice during the ride. If you want to save your ears from the extremely loud noise of the bells clinging, make sure that you take the ride before the hour mark.