Popular Cruise Holidays in the UK

Cruise holidays are getting popular by the day. A survey done by T&C suggests that the number of cruise ships have gone up by more than 13% in the last two years. What’s more is that, many people haven’t gone on a cruise holiday before, and it’s their first time. The number is increasing by leaps and bounds in the UK. Here is a list of some popular cruises that are not only fun but also greatly popular among the people in the UK.

#1-Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity sails from Southampton and often offers deals to British citizen. The ship can hold up to 3,000 passengers. Although this one is of American origin, but some features have been added to match the taste of the UK citizens. Typically, it’s a 14-day package and sails mainly to the Mediterranean. This may approximately cost you somewhere in the range of £1,500 to £2,000. Every day is filled with programs for the tourists. There is no chance of getting bored. There are lots of activities for the kids as well.

#2-Cruise and Maritime

This is one of the latest additions in the cruise industry. It is owned by the company which used to sail Marco-polo with 800 passengers. Although the latter still has a few cruises, Cruise and Maritime a new addition from the company. The time line for this package is typically two weeks. The typical cost is somewhere in the range of £800 to £1,000. The ship is topped up with luxury and the company promises that there will not be a single moment of dullness.


This is one of the oldest ships that operate from Southampton to New York. It’s a 12 day voyage and reaches New York on the 13th day. Many people head home through flight. The alternate plan is to immediately head home after spending 2-3 hours in New York. This could be a good idea if you are not sea sick. The typical cost per person would be somewhere in the range of £2,000 to £2,500. You can visit the company’s website for a detailed journey plan, offers and other activities.

#4-Disney Cruise Line

Although this ship does not cruise regularly from Britain, it is a ship worth cruising on. Entertainment is the key theme for this ship and rest assured you will enjoy every moment of your stay while cruising. This is a 12 night trip and costs £1,200 per person. The dress code is typically casual barring few days where you have to put on your dinner jacket and bow.

#5-Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Fred Olsen has four ships and is extremely popular among the senior citizens. Most British travellers like this cruise for its strong British flavour. The cruise starts from four locations-New Castle, Rosyth, Liverpool and Greenock. The ships give you the option to cruise anywhere around the world. It’s a 13 night journey and the cost involved per person is typically in the range of £700 to £1,200 depending on your cruise location and the kind of lodging you opt for. Getting the ticket directly from the website can fetch you attractive discounts.

#6-Hebridean Island Cruises

Hebridean cruises around the British shore through Scotland and starts its journey from Oban. This is a small ship, which has a capacity to hold around 50 passengers. It is rumoured to be chartered by the Queen herself, and it’s possibly one of the reasons why it’s costlier than the others.

A seven night journey will cost you £2,500 per person. The luxury and the ambience is a class apart. The voyage includes drinks, outings in the shore and other gratuities. This is ideal for honeymooner and vacation lovers. If you’re looking for an ideal romantic getaway, this could be the one!

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