What to See and Do in Venice, Italy

Venice in Italy is a land of dreams. There is a long list of things that you can do and see in this city. If you ask the Venice tourism department, they will give you a pretty lengthy list. If you are on a short holiday and want to cover the most important spots, this list will help you in your endeavour.

This will further help you avoid paying hefty entry fees to places which are not worth visiting if you want to make the most of your holiday.

Just Roam Around

Before visiting any museums and other major tourist attractions, just aimlessly walking around the city will ensure that you visit the authentic Venetian places. The city is very picturesque! The roads, cafes and shops are amazingly built. The squares are absolutely charming. Don’t worry about getting lost. The people in Venice are one of the friendliest you will ever come across. Ask any pedestrians and they will tell you where to go.

St. Mark’s Basilica

When you are done with you adventure, this should be your next stop. There are loads of churches in the city, but St. Mark’s Basilica is by far the best in the whole country. The architecture of the church will surely amaze you.

What’s more is that, there is no entry fee in this one. You can just book your ticket online and drop in. Inside the church, you will find three small museums, but the entries to these are not free. If you have budget constraints, you may consider visiting any one.

St. Mark’s Square

This is another marvel of the city. Make sure you visit this place no matter what. The sheer structure and its brilliance will fill your heart. It is a good idea to visit St. Mark’s Square when it is empty. Since most of the tourists throng the place during the day, you might as well visit the place during early morning or late night. The peace and silence of this place will take your breath away.

Grand Canal

Although walking around the city is the best way to visit Venice, the Grand Canal tour however, is an amazing route to explore the city. The water buses will give you an amazing view of the city from far off. Take a gelato in your hand, sit back and just enjoy the view. Did we mention that it is also an extremely cheap method of transportation?

Doge’s Palace

This place is situated right next to the St. Mark’s Basilica. Although you have to pay a hefty entry fee, it is definitely worth the money. The best attraction is when you walk over the Bridge of Sigh’s. Although the bridge is visible from outside and no entry fee is required, we suggest that you take a ticket and visit this historic palace. Unlike the St. Mark’s Basilica, you won’t find this place empty. It is thronged by tourists all the time and there is a particular time when the palace opens its gates too.

Campanile Top

The top view from the St. Mark’s Basilica is wonderful, but it won’t give you a great view of the churches. The top of Campanile, however, will give you an amazing view of both the Basilica and the Piazza. This however, is not free and you have to buy a ticket for the short ride of the elevator. What’s more is that, you will get to see the famous big bells of Venice during the ride. If you want to save your ears from the extremely loud noise of the bells clinging, make sure that you take the ride before the hour mark.

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