The Evolution of Bingo Bonuses

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It’s clear to see that bingo bonuses have changed drastically over time from the beginnings of online bingo sites. Currently we are seeing an upwards trend in the size of first deposit bonuses and a move away from no deposit bonuses which have gone in and out of fashion over the years. The issue with no deposit bonuses is the fact that it pulls in so many freebie hunters who never have any intention of making an actual cash deposit so although it looks good in terms of the number of players it is rarely profitable for websites in the same manner that a good deposit bonus can be. There are of course exceptions but this is only for the websites who can manage to gain drastic social media traction and visibility online and offline to pull in huge number of players, some of which will inevitably go on to deposit.

The bonus amount which seems to be taking the lead with new sites and old wanting to pull in new players is that of the 500% bonus, or “deposit £10 get £60” to play with (click here to check out all the sites offering this bonus). There are a few sites offering larger bonuses at the moment, with the perfectly named Loony Bingo which is offering a seriously barmy £70 free bonus on a deposit of 10 pounds. They are also allowing this bonus to be split between both bingo and slot games – this is also becoming and increasingly common trend for bingo bonuses as those that start playing slot games and other side games such as scratch cards are far more profitable for the websites and generate significantly more revenue than a player who only ever participates in the bingo room games without venturing further to experience the thrill of the other games available.

With more and more sites offering a 500% bonus as a standard it looks like this will eventually be increased over time as more and more new online bingo sites enter the market and attempt to stand out from the crowd with enticing offers to bring in new customers. To say that the current climate in cut-throat in the online bingo world is a big understatement – to survive and prosper every tactic must be used to gain a foothold in the market. Where this will end is unclear but the bonuses cannot simply carry on getting bigger as at some stage it simply won’t be profitable anymore and the value of the free bingo money will be more of a pain to users than anything else what with the large wagering requirements which will need to be satisfied. Inevitably there will be winners and losers and the market will thin out to some major players and we’ll see bonuses become more standardised, perhaps we will even see some no which do not offer bonuses – something which many would no doubt appreciate as there will be no wagering requirements to meet and you know you’re playing with real cash from the word go.

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