Side and Didim – Turkey

Turkey is a country in the Middle East which shares its north western border with South Eastern Europe and the rest of its boundaries with West Asia (i.e. the Balkans and Anatolia respectively).Turkey is the only country in the Middle East that connects Middle East with Europe through land and is renowned for its clean beaches. Surrounded by high mountains and open seas it has delightful scenic wonders and climatic diversity owing to the presence of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also a well-known place for its chilly winters and continental climate. Northern region of Turkey has an oceanic climate while the south faces temperate Mediterranean climate. The continental climate reigning in the internal regions makes one experience 4 seasons in just one day.

Let us have a look at some of the famous beaches in the vicinity

With over 8000 kilometers of coastline and 352 blue flag beaches, Turkey gives its holidaying crowd a fantastic time on the clear pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Blue flag is an international environmental award given to safe, clean beaches around the world and this place has been a proud owner of the award. The country’s picturesque beaches come with a back drop of lush green forests and area a stone’s throw from nearby archeological treasure groves. If you want to enjoy a perfect retreat with your partner, you can arrange for a fantastic boat trip on secluded beaches, available within easy reach, from leading resorts. Turkey has more number of blue flag beaches than even France and Italy.

The Side and Didim beaches to visit in Turkey can be planned in advance with your hotel concierge or also a tour operator.

Immigrants from other parts of the world need to mandatorily carry a copy of their Passports and Turkey Visas before they enter this beautiful country.

Water sports options which visitors can thoroughly enjoy at Turkey’s beaches


  • Sailing unlike white board rafting is a serene and a peaceful activity.
  • Recreational sailing is done, when the wind and waters are in perfect harmony with each other.
  • Many coastal areas surrounding the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea offer perfect spots for an enjoyable sailing session.


  • Rafting is an adventurous water sportwherein you need to steer a raft with paddles without getting overturned among turbulent waves.
  • In Turkey, tourists and locals do rafting in Manavgat in Antalya province, Firtina in Rize and Coruhriverin Artvin province.


Turkey is known for underwater diving centers as it has great options like the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and the natural beauty of the area’s underwater centers attract tourists and vacationers from around the world.

These world class diving centers are equipped with the state of the art technology and trained professionals that guide to towards a hitherto unseen world of natural beauty and sea-life.

Apart from water sports, turkey also boasts of eco-tourism activities like mountaineering and hiking. You can shop for exclusive items and souvenirs to delight your friends and family back home. Pack your bags to have a pampered holiday, all the way!

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