Eritrea is one of the most beautiful countries located in the horn of Africa, virtually bisected on the East African Rift. The region is also known as the sea land as it is located near the coastline of the Red sea. Eritrea is blessed by nature and has a lot to offer to vacationers through its abundant natural beauty. It is an ideal destination for bird watchers and dedicated ornithologists due to the presence of a diverse variety of birds, many of which are migratory birds. Eritrea is a very peaceful nation as it has been under the UN since 2000. Due to the presences of gold and diamond mines the nation had faced civil unrest, but since 2000 it is slowly developing with a consistent progress. International and local tour operators have Eritrea as a part of their African travel package so visitors can choose the best places of the place to visit.

Things to do and See

For tourists with a fascination of local architecture like buildings, mansions and monuments Asmara is must visit spot. The city offers a wide variety of architectural buildings with beautiful facades and a quaint blend of modern and futuristic keeping the curious tourist spell bound by their unique style and design. Asmara cathedral has an ancient bell tower, which is a popular landmark located at a very high level built during the Roman times. The city has an attractive monument for the famed poet Alexander Pushkin situated in the city center close to Pushkin cultural center.

An ancient Church located in the middle of Asmara city has four gates facing four directions which is now abandoned and is home to African wild cat, pale fox, common jackal and other wild animals. Visitors to Gash-Barka can see lions, leopards, spotted hyena and crocodiles in their natural environment.

Massawa city referred to as the Pearl of Red Sea, has been an important port for several centuries and has witnessed traders from Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, UK, Italy and the Middle East. Located 115 kilometers away from the capital it was first inhabited by Muslims during 10th century AD and was a part of Turkish Empire during 16th century.

Dahlak Islands – This string of 350 picturesque tiny islands are part of the Dahlak Archipelago and are the last untouched islands in the world which witnesses very few travelers. This aquatic paradise contains an abundance of fishes and aquatic life along with beautiful corals. These islands have been kept free of human inhabitants and settlements as the ecosystem is very fragile and is home to migratory seabirds which arrive during breeding season to start their families. The only sport allowed on these islands is scuba diving and snorkeling which are limited to a few islands only.

Some facts about Eritrea:

  • The nation comprises of a majority of Christian citizens followed by Muslims and other religions.
  • There are many national parks representing the beauty of Africa’s wildlife along with its flora and fauna.
  • The national heritage museum of Asmara is in the city center making it easy for travelers to understand the history of the Eritrea.
  • Other locations in Eritrea are Matara and Debre Bizen both of which have their own unique history.


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