6 Reasons to Learn French

French is known to be one of the widely learnt languages in the world. It is one of the few languages that can be learnt anywhere in the world, and you can have access to learning centres closer to home anywhere across the globe!

More than 200 million people speak French across the world in five continents. French is the second most widely learnt language after English. If you are considering learning French and want some motivation to get you to enrol, read on about the best reasons to learn French.

#1-Opens New Doors to Travel

If you are a travel lover and a world traveller, it is always beneficial to learn a new language as it helps you interact with locals and get the best out of your vacation. Especially with France, most French people do not speak English and therefore, you may have many problems in communication in your travel. On the contrary, if you speak good French, you will be surprised at how helpful the locals can be, and how fun-filled your holiday will become with the help of the language. Not just in France, but in many other countries you may find French people who will be more than friendly if you speak their language.

#2-Higher Education

If you are considering higher education on a global level, France has some of the best universities in Europe. A thorough knowledge about their language will open doors for scholarships and help you understand your course much better in France. You can also qualify for internationally recognied post-graduate degrees in France if you know the language. It is easier to make friends and get through your educational years if you have French speaking skills.

#3-For the Love of the Language

French is a wonderful language to learn. It is fun, interactive and unique and makes you stand out from the crowd. You can always add an extra language to your hobbies, your extracurricular activities on your resume, and so much more! French is known as the language of love and it surely is a culturally-rich language to learn and comprehend.


If you like to teach, you can easily become a French teacher after you complete the course. The language offers great opportunities for teachers and gives you a chance to visit the country as well as teach in your own home land.

#5-Job Opportunities

Knowing another language definitely opens many new doors in the job arena. You get a chance to work in the international market, work with some of the best French companies and also travel for work purposes.

France is a key economic partner and it has numerous job opportunities that can be yours if you are fluent with the language. You can also become a great translator if you can speak French and another language easily. This will help you make some extra income, while you continue with your current job.

#6-A Good Base

Learning French not only adds a feather to your hat, it also polishes your English and gives you a good base to learn other Roman languages like Spanish or Italian. The grammar that you will learn in your French course will enhance your mother tongue grammar and polish your skills as a good communicator.

You will also be able to enjoy French literature, movies and TV serials, which are known to be extremely popular in European countries. French is an easy language to learn. Depending on the age and the level that you are aspiring to learn, you can find a lot of study material and become fluent in the language in no time! So why think any more? Get yourself enrolled and start learning this fun language today!

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