6 Benefits of Learning Mandarin

Ever wondered what is the most widely spoken language in the world? Well! It’s not English, nor French or any European language either. Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world.

Popularly known as Chinese Mandarin, the language is extremely important when it comes to business. It is estimated that China will overtake the USA in terms of GDP in the next 20 years. If you are wondering what the importance of learning Chinese is, here is a list of benefits that can make all the difference.

#1-Global Economy

China is expected to be the next financial leader in global economy. It has already surpassed many developed countries when it comes to GDP. Almost all the fortune 500 companies has opened base in China. The unique thing however, is that English or any other language for that matter is not so popular among Chinese.

The knowledge of Mandarin will greatly help you to understand the people of China. Not to mention, some of the most successful CEOs in the world hail from China. So, if you want to understand their mind, it is necessary to know Chinese.


China has the biggest manufacturing hub in the world. The top companies of the world have their production base in China. Today, many people aspire to move to China rather than countries such as the USA or certain countries of Europe.

If you want to capitalise the opportunity to work in China, it is important to know the language of this country. The knowledge of English among Chinese people is still meagre. To work and settle down in this country for even a few years, the proficiency in Chinese is extremely necessary.

#3-Knowing the Culture

The Chinese culture is one of the most enriched cultures in the world. Some of the geniuses have been born in this country. If you are curious about the country’s deep heritage and rich culture, the knowledge of Chinese is extremely important. Not to mention, you will also come to know a lot about their religious values as well.

#4-Grow Your Network

This goes without saying that the knowledge of Chinese will greatly help you to grow your network. You will be able to get the attention of the people who are not only successful, but also extremely useful too.

If you are a businessman, it makes all the more sense to you. Chinese people are extremely enterprise centric. So, if you are planning to set up operations in China or looking for cheap vendors, it is extremely necessary that you know their language.

#5-Are You a Political Enthusiast?

China is a digital fortress. Not much information comes out from China. That being said, the Chinese communist party has redefined communism. If you are a political enthusiast, and interested to know the new direction of their Left regime, the knowledge of Chinese will greatly help your endeavour.

Some of the most renowned books on communism have been written in Chinese. Your expertise in the Chinese language will give you access to these books. Unfortunately, the Chinese government does not pay much heed to the English language; as a result, the English versions of some of the great books of political science have still not been published.

#6-Great for a Sports Enthusiast

Well! China is almost snatching the position of being the best in athletics. For the last few Olympics, China has consistently leaded the medals tally in events such as athletics, badminton, and table tennis, among others. Lot of secrets about players and their training are discussed in the Chinese commentary box. If you are a budding sportsman, the Chinese language skills make a lot of sense to you.

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