5 steps to an awesome cheap wedding in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a mystical place known for all its grandeur and incomparable scenic beauty. It is situated on a group of islands just below the Indian sub-continent. You could have the best time of your life by having an awesome wedding right in the middle of the exotic islands. Here are 5 great unique ways you can do so.

Procuring a Sri Lankan visa is not all that difficult ordeal, when you are going to have the best time of your life. You could hire a posh villa with its entire splendor having a verandah portico facing the sea. Tying the knot becomes all the more fun and interesting when you hire a high-end villa in this exotic place. A few interesting villa houses are described here for you to choose from

Pointe Sud

It is the most luxurious and fabulous villa house, which is too spoilt a place to be true. Having your wedding at this mystical place is like being in a dreamer’s paradise as far as conducting the wedding goes. Pointe Sud is one of the most happening villas across the world. You could call up your beloved ones and close friends to enjoy a wedding ceremony in a typical beach house style. The concept is catching up flames like anything, all over the world. Rather than enjoying a traditional wedding ceremony conducted in churches or wedding halls, this idea takes your wedding to a completely new level. Nowadays, youngsters look forward to make the D day of their life even more exciting and with this idea, one could have a thrilling experience.

Stella Beach house

This beach house is a direct sea facing place that is simple, unpretentious, and elegant with modern trimmings. Why not have a beach wedding and an exotic honey moon in the villa beach house, Stella Beach House? You have lush greenery all over the villa and if you happen to be a eco-lover, you are surely going to admire it. This is a smaller villa though, compared to the Pointe Sud villa. A limited list of close friends can join you to share your royal bash.

Talaramba Reef

This is yet another exotic beach house location, for you to have a mesmerizing wedding that you would remember forever. The villa has 8 iconic air conditioned bedrooms for an amazing stay. You could request the authorities to convert the rooms into a wedding hall, by removing its furniture and fittings. The villa has a lounge area which can be used for serving snacks and savories to your invitees followed by a grand lunch or dinner, depending on which part of the day, the wedding gets over.

In the deep oceans

Sri Lanka is an exotic island city. You have expansive beaches in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka that surely will leave you admired. You could hire a ship and take a cruise all the way, performing your wedding during your cruising. Have all the paraphernalia connected with conducting the wedding grandly, in terms of arranging for music and getting the banquets ready. Arrange for a grand feast with a glass of wine, to all your friends and relatives in the party.

A Discotheque party

You could also scout for some theme based wedding party in the leading discotheques or clubs located in the heart of Sri Lanka. You could wear your wedding hat with your summer dress and wear on your pumps to have the most glamorous party uptown. Arrange for a barbeque party with toasts of delicious wines and have a DJ performing his chart tipping numbers with great music.

Set new trends and break the walls of monotony to have your wedding planned up with elegance. You could also take the assistance of several professional wedding planners or event organizers to celebrate your D-day with glory.

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